Dog Hoodie

We started participating in Meet-Ups with a group called Las Vegas Corgis and Shanda, the organizer, entered us in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade out in Henderson. Contrary to what a lot of people think, families actually live out here in the Las Vegas area. Not all if it lives revolve around The Strip!

Since we’re participating in the St. Patty’s Day Parade I decided to make something green for our Corgi. We don’t own any outfits for her but I love how this came out. I used The Green Pepper’s Spot’s Hoodie pattern (F717). I didn’t realize how pricy it was but luckily Joann’s had a coupon. I really recommend their app because you don’t have to print the coupons out.


As I preview the picture I’m realizing how blurry it is. Sorry about that. For some reason my phone hasn’t been focusing correctly. I’ll try to remember to fix it for future pics!


I used the ribbing from my beloved sweater for the project. This is my favorite sweater but honestly, it’s seen better days.

The project took me three evenings to finish. I do most of my sewing at night when my kiddo is asleep. Now, I’m definitely a novice seamstress as I’ve only been sewing since the beginning of the year. I’m hooked! There was one major issue I encountered: I had to change the needle for the ribbing. I messed with the tension, stitch length, etc. but it just wouldn’t catch:

    The zig zag stitch would create a straight stitch…. There was no zag to my zig.
    My bottom thread wouldn’t come up when straight stitching and I ended up with a dingly-dangley

In order to fix it I changed the needle to a size 18 and changed my tension to 5 and it was perfect! Ahhhh the beautiful sound of a figurative and literal well-oiled machine.


I love the contrast of the brown and bright green. Looking back, I feel like I should have used contrasting stitching… Just for effect.


My husband thought I needed to add some holes for her ears so I decided to follow his suggestion.


What an adorable pup! Go forth and sew, everyone!


Baby Life Quilt

I started this project a few weeks ago. It’s taken me a while due to laziness and only having time during the weekends. Now that papers have been graded (I also teach undergrad classes) I have some free time in the evenings again.


I got the instructions for the quilt from Moda Bake Shop and this Is my second big sewing project. I just thought it was so cute and it’s really the biggest reason why I started sewing in the first place. I think the first time I saw it was about 9 months ago; my daughter was 4 months old and that’s really all she did. Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat. On a related note, my daughter LOVES blankets.

This was really a labor of love. A lot of what I did was new to me. Patchwork? Blanket stitch? Making and sewing-on binding? It was also a good learning experience and I can say now that I love sewing!

The little guy above is the panda from one of her first baby blankets. She’s a January baby so we had a lot of cold nights when she was a newborn and we used that blanket a lot. It has since started to deteriorate and she’s been trying to eat the lint balls. I decided to cut out the panda and stitch it onto her new blanket.

I also figured out why my sewing machine kept jamming. For those of you who might have that issue, I start my stitch using the hand wheel while holding the thread “tails” in the back of the machine. Voilá! No jamming! Unless you’re listening to an awesome station on Pandora.

While I’m on that… Here is part of my sewing soundtrack from the last day:

    Blackstreet – Don’t Leave
    Mary J. Blige – I’m Going Down
    Boyz II Men – Water Runs Dry
    New Edition – Cool It Now
    Jodeci – Come and Talk to Me
    Sheila E. – Glamorous Life
    Whitney Houston – You Give Good Love
    BBD – Poison


Siopao is a [usually] gigantic steamed dumpling that came to the Philippines from China. I didn’t do any research but something in my brain tells me that the concept is Chinese influenced while the filling is Spanish influenced, hence the filling called “pork asado.” If you go to a Chinese joint they’re usually identified as Char Siu Bao. “Char siu” is the type of cooked pork and I think “Bao” is the bun itself. I’m also a fan of the baked pork buns but I don’t know if you can use the same dough for it… Stay tuned for that! Traditionally siopao, and all the siopaos I’ve eaten, have a hard-boiled egg in them so that’s what I added. This is really filling and the dough is definitely on point. Thanks to Panlasang Pinoy for having this recipe to be found and enjoyed.

It seems like a lot goes into it but its all worth it and it isn’t that bad. It was kind of cool that I had everything on hand.

I got the recipe from here. I’d usually post the recipe but the link isn’t opening from my phone (the curse of technology as I use it to conveniently post from it).

A few changes/notes, I made the full dough recipe and froze it and made half the filling recipe:

1) I didn’t use as much sugar as it said bc I’m not a fan of super sweet meat. I probably used a tsp less than it called for
2) the recipe calls for Hoisin in the directions but not the ingredients. I used a tbs.
3) it didn’t call for seasoning but I added black pepper, to taste
4) I also added half an egg to each bun
5) dont underestimate the stickiness of the dough. be sure to use wax paper/foil from the start.
6) don’t roll it too thin. When it comes time to fill the dough the meat will tear it. I think maybe 3/8″ should be ok.
7) the recipe makes 8 but I would make 16 just because they were so huge. That’s another thing… They will rise when you steam them!

I don’t know if this was too detailed but this is the first time I ever attempted making it and my mom never did so its completely new to me. It turned out really good and I think I have a spokesbaby if I decide to sell them!

I did not use anything to prevent the dough from sticking with this batch… Learn from my mistakes folks!




Starting Over

Hi I’m May. I’m on this new adventure of making things on my own. Baking and cooking are my fortes as it with many other people. But I’ve also discovered sewing. I have an Etsy store but there isn’t anything on there so feel free to come back around in a little while to see what I have. Thanks for stopping by. Happy DIY-ing!